9 Best Laptop for Medical Students


Almost every medical student constantly searches for the best laptops for medical students. They can’t figure out which laptop is best to work smoothly? It creates a dilemma, and students usually get confused about buying one. The best laptops for medical students are in various categories; that’s why it takes too much time to decide and choose the one that perfectly matches your requirement.
The worries grow when we look at laptops with many models and companies offering many different features and options. It becomes challenging to find the best laptop that gives a pleasurable experience while working on it.

This article is going to help you out in choosing the best laptop according to your requirements. The medical students require a user-friendly and best laptop with extraordinary features. We have researched and picked out a list of the nine best laptops for medical students. It will give you sight and idea to choose the best laptop with the ability to fulfill your needs.

We will list down the best laptops for medical students to use for having a great work experience and help them choose the best laptop that is considered user-friendly and undoubtedly best for medical students.

Without further ado, here we will take you on a way where we introduce you to the best laptops for medical students.

Best laptop list for medical students

  1. MacBook Air
  2. Dell Latitude 3510
  3. Surface Pro 7
  4. Lenovo ThinkPad E15
  5. HP SPECTRE x360
  6. Asus Vivo Book S
  7. LG Gram
  8. Asus Vivo Book 15
  9. Acer Aspire 5

1. MacBook Air

best laptop for medical students macbook air

MacBook Air is considered the best laptop ever produced by Apple. It has a fast-Processing speed with up to 2.8 x CPU performance and up to 5x graphics speed. Apple MacBook Air has lots of exciting features. It is very light to carry in your bag, which you can take wherever you go. It weighs just 2.80 pounds (1.29 kg). It has a magic keyboard to type smoothly.

It is a perfect laptop for medical students to buy. It features a 13-inch screen with 18 hours of battery life to work all day long without being worried. It has a 16-core neural engine with up to 11x faster ML performance. It comes with a tremendous 8-core integrated GPU and 8 GB of RAM.

MacBook Air has a fantastic design with a thin and light body. It offers up to 256GB SSD storage to save vast amounts of study material on the device. This laptop is a dream for every student to pick the best laptop. It is relatively expensive to buy.

The price for MacBook Pro starts from $999.

2. Dell Latitude 3510


Dell Latitude 3510 is another best laptop for medical students with multiple features. It comes with a “15.6” display full HD Screen integrated with Intel UHD graphics which give a picture-perfect look. The screen resolution of Dell Latitude 3510 is 1366 x 768 HD LED. It features an excellent core i5 quad-core processor from 1.6GHZ to 4.2GHZ. This laptop has some great functions to enjoy working on it.

Dell Latitude 3510 has a minimum DDR4 4GB RAM up to 32GB with a fast 256 GB Storage. It will give a smooth working experience without getting interrupted at a low speed. It has only 1.80 kg in weight, not heavy to carry. It features Windows 10 pro with a Linux-based operating system of 64-bit.

It is no doubt that it has a good lithium-cell battery of 40Whr, making it long hours working laptop. It comes in beautiful grey color, giving it a dynamic look. It has two ports of USB 3.1 and 1 port of USB 2.

Dell Latitude 3510 is not so expensive to buy if you want to buy a laptop at a reasonable price. It comes at around $689. It comes with 1- year international warranty.

3. Surface Pro 7

Microsoft launched Surface Pro 7 in 2019, featuring a display of 12.3 (2736 x 1834) with a PixelSense touchscreen. It gives a full HD Screen which offers an excellent experience. It has an option for Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 quad-core processors with high-speed performance.

The Surface Pro comes with a high-quality battery that can survive up to 10.3 hours. It makes it easier for the user to work for a long time. It has tremendous RAM of 16GB, which is non-upgradeable.
The Surface Pro 7 is best known for its speed and unique styles. It comes with storage of up to 1TB.
It has a weight of around 1.7lbs which is light and thin enough to feel comfortable to keep in a bag. It is suitable for medical students because it runs fast and smoothly. It takes no time to boot and is also available with USB -A and USB-C.

It is considered the fastest laptop that Microsoft has ever launched. It features both front and rear cameras with 1080 full HD video. It provides excellent connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth wireless 5.0 technology. It comes with a light sensor, and it is available in fantastic platinum and matte black.

Its price starts at $750.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad E15

best laptop for medical students  Lenovo ThinkPad E15

Lenovo ThinkPad E15 is one of the best laptops for medical students to buy. It is coming with up to a 10Gen Intel Core i7 processor. It has a Windows10 pro operating system of 64bit. It is best known for its performance and long-lasting battery.

It features a display of a 15.6 inches FHD screen with amazing graphics and crystal-clear view. This widescreen gives users to work smoothly, especially for gamers. It comes with 16GB DDR4 Memory, which is good enough to perform high-quality work and save heavy files.

Lenovo ThinkPad E15 is also available with a RAM of 4GB with a size of 1TB hard drive. It has a powerful battery of 45 hrs. It allows you to continue doing online work, and video calls are possible for a long time. It comes in gorgeous silver and black colors.

It features a full-sized keyboard with a number pad and backlight. Moreover, it has multiple ports and slots. It has a 720HD camera, which provides bright pictures.

The price for this laptop starts from $1,199.

5. HP SPECTRE x360

best laptop for medical students HP SPECTRE x360

How can we forget HP Spectre x360 when suggesting the best laptops? It is a very sleek and stylish laptop, making it the best choice to spend money on this device. This laptop has a 13.30-inch screen size. The display resolution for this laptop is 1920 x 1080, providing a touchscreen. It has a 64bit operating system.

It is powered by an i7 processor up to 4.2GHZ with 8 GB RAM to provide outstanding performance that runs better with no speed problem. It has a storage of 256GB which is compatible while working on heavy files or saving them.

This laptop supports a powerful integrated UHD graphics 520 by Intel. It comes in stylish Black color, weighing just 1.26 KG. It has three ports available to use. If we talk about battery performance, it can keep you activated for almost 11.5 hrs.

It is the best laptop for medical students with brilliant battery timing and high-speed performance. You can work all day long and even at night on your projects without having any hardware disturbance or speed problem.

This price for HP Spectre x360 starts at $1299.

6. Asus Vivo Book S

best laptop for medical students Asus Vivo Book S

Asus Vivo Book S series is best known for its reliability and low budget. It is the primary reason why most people always recommend Asus Vivo Book S to low-budget people. It is also suitable for students looking for a laptop to do heavy work. It is packed with an efficient Core i7 processor from 2.7GHZ to 3.5GHZ. It is a thin and light-body laptop with bold features.

It has a 15.6-inch screen with Intel HD graphics 620. It features 8 GB RAM and provides excellent storage of 256GB which is pretty best to do several tasks at a time. It gives a full-sized SD card reader alongside ports and slots. It provides an excellent keyboard to type in a very humble and easy way. Its multiple features are the reason to add it to our list.

It has a good battery life which stands for 8 hours work time. It is not powerful but can provide enough time to complete tasks and duties. It comes in grey color with metallic body. It weighs around 1.7KG.

The starting price for this laptop is $929.

7. LG Gram

best laptop for medical students LG Gram

The LG Gram is relatively the best laptop to buy if you prefer a lightweight laptop with a wider screen. It has a great battery life that will run your work all day.

This laptop is best known for its productivity and performance at an excellent pace. This Notebook book features a stunning screen of 17-inches with clean and sparkling graphics. The display resolution of this device is 2560 x 1600.

It is a 10th generation Intel core i7, including dual-channel memory/dual channel SSD slots. It features 16 GB RAM and 1TB storage, providing fantastic speed and agility to work exceptionally great. The weight of LG Gram is 2.98 pounds (1.38Kg) which makes it thinner and lighter if compared to other laptops.

It has lovely connectivity that has Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth is 5.1. LG Gram comes with a massive and powerful battery that has a life of around 14h. LG has added a 65w USB -C power adopter suitable for recharge quickly. This laptop features a very stunning body design. It comes in two shades; deep and dark black colors.

The price of LG Gram starts from $990 and goes up to $1500.

8. Asus Vivo Book 15

best laptop for medical students Asus Vivo Book 15

Asus Vivo Book 15 has many unique and exciting features to consider and go for it if you search for the best laptop. It comes in with a 15.6- inch screen and a display resolution of around 1366 x 768 pixels. It has an Intel Core i3 processor with 3.4GHz.

It features good connectivity with Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.1 to give a good Networking experience without waiting to proceed with programs or tasks. It has an operating system of 64 Bit with Microsoft window 10.

It provides its users with a fast 256GD storage to run heavy programs that you cannot do on low storage, creating speed problems. This laptop has many ports, including USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen2. It comes with 8 GB RAM to keep programs running and make you proceed smoothly and even hold heavy work.

Asus Vivo Book 15 has the fastest charging battery, reaching 55% in 45 minutes. It also has a fingerprint sensor.

The price is not so high for this laptop starts at $450 that goes up to $689.

9. Acer Aspire 5

best laptop for medical students  Acer Aspire 5

Last on our list, but not least, here comes the Acer Aspire 5, which is a good fit for medical students to keep their work going on and can’t afford enough money to buy some of the expensive laptops. It is said to be a functional and cheap laptop.

The images on the screen look fine and better with a full HD 15.6 inches screen. This laptop weighs around 1.8KG (3.7 pounds). The display resolution is 1920 x 1080. It has good features but not the best if compared to other laptops. It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor with 1.0GHz that boosts up to 3.6 GHz.

It provides 8GB DDR4 memory, which is good enough to get the system to run smoothly. It features up to 256GB of storage, only one available hard disk drive. It has a USB 3.1 with one USB 2.0 and one HDMI 2.0.

It comes in pure silver color. It lasts 6 hours and 50 minutes if we talk about battery performance, which is not that bad. This laptop has good connectivity with IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth 5.0. It is relatively cheap to buy.

The price for Acer Aspire 5 starts at $647.

Some frequently asked questions

Which is the best laptop for a medical student?

For medical students, I think the MacBook Air is the best laptop. Even so, all the other laptops listed here are more than enough for a medical student.

What is the need for medical students to have a laptop computer?

A laptop is required by almost all medical students today for various reasons, including to read or make PDFs and PowerPoints, store data from lectures, read medical-related articles, and watch YouTube videos for study purposes.


According to our opinion, if you don’t mind spending much money, the MacBook Air is the very best laptop you can buy. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to spend much money, you could consider the Acer Aspire 5.

All the laptops that are listed here can full fill all types of requirements for a medical student. The reason is that medical students do not need laptops with high-speed processors and complicated configurations. Instead, they require a decent laptop that is portable to carry at their clinic/school.

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