8 Best laptop for junior high student

best laptop for junior high student

Finding the best laptop for junior high student is not an easy task. Every student has a different type of requirement. so we will give you the best idea and help for picking the best laptop for junior high or middle school students.

Increasingly, schools are offering online and virtual courses. Therefore, it’s important for your child to have a laptop that meets all of his or her needs. In order to do your child’s homework effectively, you will need a laptop that can run the software provided by the school as well as one that is fast enough.

However, a laptop is a perfect choice for junior high and middle school students thanks to its mobility (and the default technology included, such as a webcam). This is especially true if students are required to be remote at least some of the time.

Considerations before buying a laptop for a junior high student.

In the school, what kind of software is used: yes before buying a laptop for a student, it’s an important step to think about. If you buy a laptop and it can’t run the software which is recommended by the school it will be a mess. so first of all find out what software or application is used by students.

Hardware: As a student laptop it will be ok if you pick one with an i3 10 generation processor but students will grow up very fast so for their future use an i5 or i7 8 to 10 generation processor will be far better. For the RAM, try to pick one which has at least 4GB RAM. It will be no problem if the laptop doesn’t have any dedicated GPU.

Webcam: It is a requirement in today’s virtual classes to have a webcam. There are built-in webcams in each laptop on this list.

Operating System: As you know, students will use this laptop. It would be good if the operating system will easy to use.

Operating System: As you know, students will use this laptop. It would be good if the operating system will easy to use.

Weight: for student laptops, a less-weight laptop will be good because sometimes they need to carry a laptop for many purposes.

Battery life: long battery life is always a good thing to have because students are not that much worried about charging their laptops.

Anyway, there are so many other things that can be needed like USB ports, wifi connection, fingerprint, Bluetooth, etc . so it would be great if the laptop had almost all these features built-in.

Although don’t worry, we are here to give you the best recommendations. All laptops we are going to list here will have at least an i3 10 generation processor, some of them will have i5 and i7 i7. Also, for RAM, all laptops will have at least 4GB of ram. so no need to worry all of these laptops can run any type of software that is recommended by the school.

8 Best laptop for junior high student

  1. Apple MacBook Air
  2. Lenovo Ideapad 3
  3. ASUS VivoBook 15
  4. Google Pixelbook Go
  5. Acer Aspire 5
  6. MSI Modern 14
  7. HP envy x360
  8. HP Chromebook x360 14c

Best for junior high student: Apple MacBook Air

best laptop for junior high student Apple MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is super amazing for junior high students. almost every person loves to use a Macbook. MacBooks work with the macOS operating system. which is very user-friendly. Yes, it can be a little bit expensive for a junior high student but keep in mind they will grow up so faster and start experimenting with new projects.

Apple has released an incredible new model of its Macbook Air that is thinner and lighter. With this new laptop, it is convenient for taking to school or anywhere else. Its weight is only 2.8 pounds. Due to its high battery capacity of about 12 hours, the laptop is more portable.

Although this laptop is possibly the best choice, it should be noted that you should verify its compatibility with the most commonly used educational programs, especially those used in schools. Since macOS can run IOS software and Windows can run EXE software, make sure the software works first.

It’s fine for a student in junior high or middle school. it has enough RAM, storage, and clock speed. Also, you have some options for choosing a processor or storage device. You can either buy the Core i3 with 256 GB SSD (up to 3.2 GHz) or the Core i5 with 512 GB SSD (up to 3.8 GHz) GHz). Also, this laptop is comfortable with the Apple latest M1 chip which is a really powerful processor. so you have so many options for buying this laptop.

This laptop doesn’t have any HDMI, LAN Port, or CD/DVD Drive but there is nothing to worry about. It has the latest Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C ports. You will just need a converter to take all you need. You will also find 801.11ac WiFi technology as well as Bluetooth 5.0 for all your wireless needs.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

best laptop for junior high student lenovo ideapad 3

Lenovo laptops are known for their quality and lightweight. As one of their most value-driven laptop models, the Ideapad is a perfect laptop at an affordable price for middle school and high school students.

For junior high students, this Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is really suitable. This laptop is not so much costly and has a very good configuration with an Intel Core i3 10 generation processor,4GB DDR4 RAM,128GB M.2 SSD Storage, and a 14inch hull HD display. It also has an integrated webcam, microphone, fingerprint sensor. As an operating system, this laptop has Windows 10 and the battery on it can provide more than 5 hours of backup.

So for a junior student, this laptop can perform all of its tasks. Even with all its features, this laptop weighs only 3.3 pounds and is only 0.8 inches thick, so students can easily carry this laptop with them anywhere they want to.

Best from ASUS: ASUS VivoBook 15

best laptop for junior high student ASUS VivoBook 15

Asus always offers quality laptops with an excellent design. This laptop is no exception.
This ASUS VivoBook 15 design is pretty awesome. Not only kids but also grownups like this laptop so much for its design and built quality. To ensure the best performance this laptop has an AMD Quad-Core R7-3700U CPU with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB PCIe SSD. The size of the display on this laptop is 15.6-inch which is supported by full HD regulations. as a GPU it also has dedicated ‎ AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 10 Graphics. So with this laptop, junior high students have nothing to worry about. it can run all types of software and applications smoothly which can be recommended by the there school.

This laptop has windows 10 home as an operating system and can be upgraded to windows 11 when available. For battery backup, the ASUS VivoBook 15 can provide
More than 9 hours of power backup. which is fair enough for a junior high student to do all their work even if they are not at home. The weight of this laptop is only 3.5lbs so it’s not that much heavy. and almost has everything integrated can be needed by students in the future, like a webcam, microphone, fingerprint sensor, etc.

Best from Google: Google Pixelbook Go

best laptop for junior high student  Google Pixelbook Go

Laptops like Google Pixelbook Go are always good for education purposes because of their built quality. This laptop runs on the ChromeOS operating system so there are limitations for other uses. However, ChromeOS is a good operating system for learning online and personal uses. Many schools provide online lessons and homework for students. that’s why this laptop has a 13.3 inches display, 1080p HD camera, and microphone. so joining online classes is so easy and students can join from anywhere. Touch support is another great feature of this laptop, which makes it very user-friendly. The keyboard on this laptop is a backlit keyboard with Hush keys. which is best for quiet typing and typing easily in the dark.

The weight of this laptop is only 2.3lbs and it doesn’t have any fans. which makes this laptop super lightweight and easy to carry for junior students. The battery backup on this laptop is 12 hours without a power source, so students are always prepared no matter when they need it. that’s why so many parents prefer ChromeOS-supported laptops for their children.

Google Pixelbook Go has some buying options. You can choose between M3, i5, or i7 processors. For these three processors, it has a different ram and storage setup. The M3 processor supports 8GB RAM with 64GB of storage. If you choose an i5 processor, you can choose 8GB or 16GB RAM with 128 GB storage. The i7 processor has only 16GB RAM with 256GB storage option. so choose wisely which is the perfect match for you. but we will suggest an M3 or I5 processor for the junior high student. This will meet all of their requirements.

ChromeOS supports Android apps from the Google Playstore app.

Best budget friendly: Acer Aspire 5


Acer provides very well-performing machines at an affordable price. In order to choose the best laptop for junior high students, Acer has produced the Aspire 5. The configuration is very good within the budget. It’s also the best-rated product on Amazon.

For handling students’ tasks without losing time, this laptop has a powerful AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor which is enough for junior students. But for students who want a more powerful setup, it has options for choosing more powerful processor models from Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7. For doing processing work fastly, it is supported with 4GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD storage device, and Windows 10 S as the operating system.

If we talk about Acer Aspire 5 design and other features it really has a premium slim design with a 15.6-inch display which is supported by full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The bezels on the left and right sides are so thin that they really provide a good view and the display is protected by Acer BlueLightShield, so long sessions won’t be a problem for students.

The keyboard on this laptop is supported by the backlit style so keys will be visible even in dark and always easy to write on. Like other laptops, this laptop also has a webcam, microphone, and speaker which can produce a very loud and clear sound. So joining online classes or meetings will be easy. Without a power source, it can provide more than seven hours of battery backup and the weight of this laptop is only 3.97lbs. So for all these features, this laptop is really good enough for junior students and it can support all their required software easily.

Best from MSI: MSI Modern 14

best laptop for junior high student  MSI Modern 14

This is the best laptop from MSI for juniors. MSI laptops are configured with power full setups. It has a very amazing design and features. For the processing unit, this laptop has an Intel Core i3 10 generation processor. it’s supported with 8GB or 16GB RAM and 128GB, 512GB, or 1TB SSD based on which combination you choose. you can understand the minimum amount of RAM is 8GB so this laptop will work as a rocket for a junior.it can run any type of software they prefer. Not only that, but they also can play some educational games without any lake when they are spending a boring time.

This 14-inch laptop is ultra-thin and ultra-light. Weight is only 2.62 pounds. so it’s easy to carry anywhere. With its narrow bezels on display, you’ll enjoy wide views. With Windows 10 operating system it’s very user-friendly..designs are more attractive with the backlit keyboard. Power backup is more than 10 hours without a power source.

So there is nothing to worry about. This laptop can be perfect for students. If you have no budget issue you can go for it without a doubt. although we considered this laptop on our list because it isn’t that much costly.

Best with touchscreen: HP Envy x360

best laptop for junior high student  HP envy x360

From HP this laptop is very powerful for juniors. It can go a long period of time with them even if they are grownup. This is a bast two-in-one laptop for students. It can be used as a laptop or as a tablet. Some children love doing drawing works so it will give them full support. It also can be used for multi-purposes.

The display on this laptop is really amazing and it’s 15.6 inches by size. supported by full HD resolutions. Bezels are very narrow so it feels very satisfied with the tabled mood. It also supports a stylus for doing touch works more correctly. It has an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor with 8GB RAM for running all types of software and a 256GB PCIe SSD storage device for storing all your files. As GPU unit it has integrated ‎AMD Radeon Graphics. it also has enough ports for connecting other peripherals but no optical drive. For online classes, it already has a built-in webcam, microphone, and speakers. It’s easy to use for Windows 10 Home OS. Battery backup is more than 11 hours. weight is a bit heavy. It weighs 4.41 pounds. Other everything is more than perfect for a junior. so no doubt it will confirm the best learning and experiments partner for students.

HP Chromebook x360 14c

best laptop for junior high student  HP Chromebook x360 14c

This is another ChromeOS-supported laptop from HP. Students and parents both love chrome books for its security and user-friendly interface. although it can’t run other heavy software. ChromeOS-supported laptops are used mostly for web-based work. That’s why Chromebooks are so popular among students. It can easily handle students’ online classes and home works. no matter how many tabs you are using. It can easily be portable and fold for use as a tablet. It comes in Silver, Blue and white-silver combined colors. But among them, blue looks amazing. Another great feature of Chromebooks is that they support so many Android apps. so it’s easy for juniors to handle.

This HP Chromebook x360 14c has an Intel Core i3 10 generation processor. It’s available with 4GB and 64GB or 8GB and 128GB, RAM and storage combination. This is why chrome books are so fast. For web-based uses, this configuration is so much. You might think storage is less for this but no it isn’t. Chromebooks are used for online purposes so you can easily use online storage. This Chromebook has a big 14 inch full HD touch display. For student use, it has very fast wifi 6 connection support, HD webcam, microphone, and speaker. It is supported by fast charging options so 90% battery can be charged within 90 minutes and provide more than 8 hours of battery backup. The weight of this laptop is 4 pounds.

Some frequently question about the best laptop for junior high student

What type of laptop is best for juniors?

Most juniors like to use a laptop with a stylish design and laptops can perform all their tasks easily. Chromebooks are the most popular among junior students and their parents.

What is Chromebook?

Chromebooks are a new type of laptop computer. This type of computer runs on ChromeOS and is perfect for online-based work. Chromebooks also can run Android apps now.

What is ChromeOS?

You will see all Chromebooks come with ChromeOS. This is actually a user interface built by Google. It’s based on Gentoo Linux. With this operating system, users can easily do all their tasks through a user-friendly interface which is so much like chrome. This operating system provides the best safety and privacy.


Here all laptops are best for students who are in junior high. We have listed these laptops here because all of them can perform best for junior students. no matter how much is your budget you will get the best laptop within your budget. Still, if you find any other best then you can go for it but we recommend buying a laptop with at least a core i3 8 generation processor and a minimum of 4GB RAM.

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